Monday, 30 November 2015

Cyber Monday 2015 Deals Alert: Sony PS4 & Xbox One Bundles Plus Branded TVs and Laptops To Get Huge Nov 30 Discounts

If Black Friday 2015 proved unsuccessful for deal hunters then Cyber Monday this year will offset all the disappointments. Come November 30, online shoppers will be clicking their way to great discounts on game bundles for both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. Branded televisions and laptops are ready for picking too with significant price off.Those who opted out of the post-Thanksgiving shopping rumble are in luck as a new WiseBread blog provided tips on making the most of the Cyber Monday online shopping deals that include big-ticket items like the PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. These devices actually come cheaper in this time of the year with the sticker price more solid when compared to Black Friday promos, the report said.Up to 30% of discount awaits shoppers looking to score any of the PS4 and Xbox One for their loved ones, which the report said will give the best bang for the bucks when snap up bundled with popular game titles. The price shave-off starts at 20% that will most likely involve older game titles.

Head out to the online storesof GameStop, Target, Costco and Walmart to catch these incredible PS4 and Xbox One deals, the WiseBread report said.If laptops are on the holiday wish list then Cyber Monday is the best occasion to fulfill the dream. Black Friday normally dangles portable computers but the budget kind. What will be displayed on the virtual store shelves come Monday are top of the line units "with specs that'll have you video editing, gaming, and running several large programs at once," WiseBread said.Picture the best models from Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and even Apple and Cyber Monday will have them. The destinations shoppers need to bookmark are Best Buy, Fry's and NewEgg - where the lowest prices on these gizmos will surely be found.As for the home entertainment centerpiece - the big flat screen TV that is - Cyber Monday is the opportune time to snatch the television set manufacture by the biggies. WiseBread said that the best bet on such quest is to access the web stores of the known top brands - Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony.In the past Cyber Mondays, these TV brands went as low as 40% from the original price mark and the WiseBread report is predicting that the same will happen for the 2015 edition.

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