Thursday, 26 November 2015

Jennifer Aniston Was Replaced on Friends and Nobody Noticed Until Now

Eagle-eyed viewers recently noticed scenes of the hit show where doubles for Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were used - and their unfamiliar faces made it into the aired episodes.The result is a jarring moment where two people who only have a slight resemblance to the actresses pop up on screen.Rachel is suddenly swapped with a woman with a different shirt on standing in the middle of the friends' New York City apartment to the left of the screen.Monica too is replaced by woman with a completely different hairstyle sitting in the Central Perk coffee shop, having a conversation with Phoebe.

The Jennifer Aniston gaffe from Episode 15 of Series Nine, first reported on Recently Heard, takes place just three minutes into the show while the opening credits are still rolling. Rachel is excitedly chatting to pal Joey about his upcoming audition with actor Leonard Hayes, who is played by Jeff Goldblum. As Joey turns to say something to an off-screen Monica, the Rachel we all know and love suddenly disappears.The woman standing next to Joey is a Jennifer Aniston lookalike-  similar hair, similar smile, similar apple cheeks - but different shirt.The was woman employed to stand in for Aniston during scenes where she wasn't the focus. A simple editing mistake meant that the non-Jennifer Aniston made it to the small screen.Viewers can even see the stand-in trying to shy away from the camera as the shot pans back to Joey. This wasn't the only double dealing on Friends.In the Season 8 episode, 'The One With Rachel's Date,' , actress Lisa Kudrow, playing air-headed Phoebe, sits on the ubiquitous Central Perk couch, chatting with Monica.Monica looks as she should - just like the actress Courteney Cox - but as the camera shoots over her shoulder to focus on Phoebe, she suddenly becomes someone else.In fact, this woman seems to even have much shorter hair than Monica - or to have her hair pulled back. The scenes were filmed in 2001 and the double trouble trickery was only discovered by fans recently.Friends turned out to be one of the most successful sitcoms ever produced, adored by a generation of young people who saw themselves in the six main characters as they negotiated the tricky path of adulthood.Last year was the 20th anniversary of the first episode of Friends and ten years since the show officially ended – with Monica, Chandler and their new twins moving upstate, and, of course, Ross and Rachel reuniting for good.

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