Monday, 12 October 2015

Edith Cavell: Who was the British nurse executed by a German firing squad for treason?

Cavell was born in 1865 in Swardeston, a village near Norwich. The eldest daughter of a vicar, she grew up with a strong Anglican faith and it was this belief that propelled her decision to risk her life helping those in need. 

Cavell trained to be a nurse at the Royal London Hospital and became a matron at a nursing school in Belgium in 1907, where she was a pioneering force in modernising the nursing profession.
Cavell was visiting her mother in Norfolk when WW1 broke out, but returned to Belgium to treat wounded civilians and soldiers at a Red Cross hospital in Brussels. 
Her hospital treated soldiers from both sides of the war and Cavell assisted the resistance movement in sheltering British, French and Belgian soldiers, helping more than 200 escape via the Netherlands. 

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