Thursday, 22 October 2015

Truck and excavator moved from Acton Tunnel on Parkes Way

More than two days after a truck carrying an excavator shredded 60 metres of asbestos tiles from the ceiling of the Acton Tunnel, the westbound lanes of Parkes Way have finally reopened.The truck and excavator wedged in the Acton Tunnel on Parkes Way were moved out of the tunnel at about 2.30pm, where they underwent a final safety check before being driven to the truck company's holding yard.
The westbound lanes reopened at 3.30pm.

Emergency Services estimated the truck and excavator would be out of the tunnel by late Thursday morning but safety precautions further delayed its removal and the re-opening of the closed Parkes Way lanes.
WorkSafe ACT will now conduct a roadworthiness assessment of the truck and confirm the excavator is well secured. 
Roads ACT has issued a permit for the truck so it can travel to the contractor's yard in Hume via the Tuggeranong Parkway. It did not have a permit to be transporting the earthmoving equipment when it became stuck in the tunnel on Tuesday morning, ACT roads minister Mick Gentleman said.Additional cleaning and safety assessments will take place before the tunnel is reopened to traffic.More than 10 tonnes of asbestos-bonded panels have been removed from its damaged ceiling.WorkSafe ACT commissioner Mark McCabe confirmed the organisation is still investigating the incident.

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